Hello Joanne,
WE got our labradoodle Sophie from Scott back in 2006.  He called her Micah.  She is the most wonderful dog and fit
into our family extremely well.  She has earned the title “Best Dog Ever” from whole extended family.  Sophie never
misses a vacation with us, because everyone welcomes her.  She is well traveled.
Thanks so much
Lisa Sonderby

I purchased two Golden Doodles from you almost four years ago. Absolutely no complaints. I just recommended you
guys to my brother and he purchased Apple from you. My kids use the dogs as pillows. My youngest still weights
less than Jasmine and has been walking both of them at the same time for years now. They are known throughout
the neighborhood. Everywhere we go,  people stop to ask about them..
Tom Magorka

Dear Joanne,
What a wonderful dog you sent us. Her name was Princess but we changed it to Goldilocks (Goldie). She is such a
great addition to our family and with twins 3 yrs.old she is gentle and kind. She plays with the big kids also, you
would be pleased to see how much joy she has brought to our lives.
Thank you, The Habeger family

Hi Joanne,
Just wanted to give you an update on Holly, know known as Sisko, we call her Sis.  She is adjusting well and rules
the roost at our house!  She is doing well with training.  (Only 2 accidents inside!)  She answers to her name and sits
well.  She is still getting used to the lead but does well with it when we walk her.  She does not like to have her collar
on all the time.  We were amazed when we put her in the kennel the first night, we thought she would cry all night.  
To our delight she whimpered for a couple of minutes but, when she saw that we were in the same room sleeping
next to her she laid down and went to sleep.  She does not make a sound all night long!  Nobody believes us when
we tell them that!
She likes her toys, she has a squeaky duck that she fetches and brings it back and gives pretty easily.  She is a
sweetheart and we love her dearly!
Thanks again!

Hey Joanne,
Thanks for all her info. We are super excited to have Emma w us today! We have been home a little bit and she
seems pretty alright w it all. We have a big night planned, spoiling her rotten with all the needed amenities. We
couldnt be happier . . . Have a great night and we will be in touch once we get settled. Joel-from Kansas City 11/1/10

hurley aka hershy is doing great!!!!!   he is beautiful ,heathly and happy... THANKS for everything, Jill-from Texas
flew puppy to DFW 10/30/10

Thanks Joanne. She is so darn cute and is doing great so far. She did well last night and has been in her kennel this
morning for a couple hours. I'm working from home today to make sure she's OK. She and her new big sister Sunny
are really cute together. Since Sunny's name is really Sunflower....Greg's oldest thinks we should call her Daisy. I'll
go get the girls (Anna 11 & Hayley 6) this afternoon and we'll decide after that, but it does seem to fit her. We're
thrilled with her and think we picked the perfect little girl to add to our family! Susan from Kansas City 10/29/10


Hi Joanne.  Just wanted to update you on Gizmo. I am thrilled to report that he is the loving dog that you had said he
would be. All in all, I love Gizmo dearly.  His eyes are so expressive, and he is quickly becoming  a cherished
member of my animal family. I am sorry that I have rambled, but it is because I am so thrilled with Gizmo's progress.  
You had said that he would be "the best dog ever", and now I do believe you!  Thanks again, Heather Hartford, CT

We have Cupcake. She seems to have done well on the flight. She's a cutie. My son hasn't seen her yet . He will be
so surprised. Please send her shot info when you can. Thanks Scott. I may have more business for you in the future
. I have a couple of relatives that have been thinking about Goldendoodles. Susie from Kenner, Louisiana 8/28/2010
flew puppy to New Orleans Airport on 8/27/10

Joanne - We got Kali safe and sound.  She came to us tail wagging....and
accident free!!  We've already had her on two walks around the block and she has been fetching
already.  She's napping right now so I have a few minutes to say thanks for breeding such a beautiful dog.   
Paul & Sylvia

Joanne,    This is Faith's husband, John.  Gracie (her new name) is wonderful.  She is part of the family already and
is growing like a weed.  She has been great with the kids and is improving each day in that regards.   John

max is doing great! I love him so much. His hair is so beautiful ! It was a understatement when you said he would
have a nice hair coat.   Sandy

Hey guys!
Thought you would like to see pictures of our new twins! We got Madison and Lauren 2 new puppies for Christmas
(well, new years I guess since we bought them after we returned from our Christmas in GA). They are so adorable
and the girls baby them sooooo much. I told them yesterday if they did not put them down some the pups would not
learn to walk until they were a year old!! We are having so much fun with them. The girls named them Camden (boy)
and Chloe (girl)...they are brother and sister Goldendoodles....(Golden retriever and standard poodle).

Dear Joanne,  So good to hear from you!  Cooper is more than wonderful. We love him so much.  He is growing and
still the handsomest dog in the land.  
He is very affectionate.  If you remember my mom who will be 84 this month lives with us.  He thinks he is her lap
dog.  He spends lots of time laying on her lap.  He still hugs.  
He is jealous.  If I call my cat, he is so jealous he comes running.  He sleeps with us and if we hold hands, he flops
his body on top of our hands.
He and the cat were playing yesterday.  He got frustrated with her ability to out last him so he sat on her head.  
He has been house broken since the first day.  At first he got me up in the middle of the night to go out, now he waits
until morning and on weekends will even wait until around 7.  
He is everything we prayed for.  We love him so much.  Thank you for your recommendation that we choose him, he
is awesome.
Hope you had good holidays.  Patty

I wanted you to know how much joy Maddy has brought to us. She is such a character. She thinks she's one of the
girls. The girls spoil her like crazy. She's got so many toys we're gonna have to invest in a toy box. Jordyn and Jillian
giggle constantly at her which makes her do more of whatever it is she's doing. She goes to work every day with dad
and gets spoiled there as well. We really love her and we're glad she's in our life. Thanks, Shawn

I received your e-mail address from Bill Freyhof (of Churchville, PA).  We learned that his family obtained a
wonderful labradoodle puppy from you back in October ‘05.  My husband and daughter went to visit them yesterday,
and fell in love with the dog.  We are now interested in obtaining information from you about how we might purchase
one of your puppies for our family.  Laurie and Mark

Abby, "Snickerdoodle" as was, has been a great addition to the family. She is gorgeous, has a wonderful nature and
is learning fast. Today we took her to lunch on the boat.
Thanks again for Abby, she is great. Hope you have a good New Year.   Hazel.

I hope that you and your family had a great Christmas. Everything here in South Florida is wonderful. Juliette is so
smart and fun to play with. The kids love her. My 1 year old son, loves to share his lolli-pop with Juliette (with our
Thanks so much for your time.
Ken, Ingrid, Brianna, Dominic, Kenny and Juliette.

Hi Joanne,
Ah, yes, she captured our hearts and I must say it's a hoot to watch my husband,who is 6' & a weight lifter, with this
tiny little girl. We went to Petco & got food, toys, etc....her first shopping spree......she's a young woman after my own
We've named her: Luna Fiore Cecil; Luna for moon, since she arrived in the moonlight; Fiore, which is flower in
italian (my husband is Italian). So, translated as Moon Flower....or, if she's not being good, she'll be "Lunatic"! We
will send periodic pictures as I think she will grow to be more beautiful than! she is today; just as any woman should.
Take care and Happy New Year. J

Just to let you know that Donner arrived last night on time and we just delighted to have him.  He is just the cutest
thing you have ever seen.  Just too cute for words.  Thanks again.  We will keep you in mind if we decide to add
another member to the family in the future.  Paula

She is a wonderful girl still... very smart and well behaved and great with the small grandchildren    Machaela

SHE'S HOME! We absolutely LOVE her, she wagged her little tail the minute she saw us! Can't wait to introduce her
to the kids.     Faith